Jamie’s Ministry of Food has reached 100,000 people worldwide

20 August 2020


Jamie Oliver launched his Ministry of Food campaign 12 years ago, with the aim of getting people cooking again. His aim was to give people the skills they needed to cook simple, delicious, nutritious food from scratch, and for them to pass this on to a few friends and family.

Fast forward 12 years, the Ministry of Food campaign has developed into an evidence-based cooking programme, where people learn about food and nutrition, where ingredients come from and how to get inventive in the kitchen by cooking from scratch. 

Independent evaluation* shows that attending the 8-week Ministry of Food course gives people the skills to improve their eating habits, helping them to eat more fruit and veg and cook from scratch more often. Not only that, people that go through the programme have said that it has also supported their mental health by boosting their confidence and being part of a community hub where they can make new friends.

The programme is now taught in various locations across the UK and Australia, where the teams have worked tirelessly to get people on board, expanding to new locations and creating a movement in their local area.

We’re so proud of what our Ministry of Food teams have achieved and are excited to be celebrating having reached 100,000 people worldwide! 

This is a remarkable milestone for all of us, especially for our brilliant partners, teachers and volunteers, who give their all, day in and day out, to get people cooking again and inspiring them to eat better and more nutritious food. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Watch the video to hear from Jamie and visit our homepage to learn more about the programme and how to get involved.


*Hutchinson J, Watt JF, Strachan EK, Cade JE. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Ministry of Food cooking programme on self-reported food consumption and confidence with cooking. Public Health Nutr. 2016;19:3417–27. [online access]


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