Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia supports indigenous communities

05 November 2019


This year our partners in Australia, The Good Foundation (TGF), have been piloting a version of Jamie’s Ministry of Food programme in the indigenous communities of Torres Strait Island, Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet.

The team worked with the local schools and people of Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet, teaching them Ministry of Food cooking courses, before training local community members, so they could continue to spread the foodie love after the team had left. The new teachers are passionate about their local areas, and now they are also equipped to pass on the culinary skills their communities need to thrive.

The principle of Ravenshoe State school said of the project: “We have been worrying about our students and how they will care for themselves in the future – so many of them leave home at an early age. This course will help build the skills they need to look after themselves.” 

Check out the video showing the team in action here


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