Learn to cook with Jamie


In 2008, Jamie filmed Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Rotherham for Channel 4 – aiming to bring back lost cookery skills in what was the UK’s most obese area at the time. He was so shocked by the low level of cookery skills he found that he launched the permanent Ministry of Food programme, which continues to teach people to cook to this day.

The Ministry of Food

The eight-week course focuses on instilling basic kitchen and food skills in a fun and engaging way. All classes use Jamie Oliver recipes and resources, specifically developed with nutrition and balance in mind

The programme uses behaviour change techniques to encourage healthier eating habits. Independent evaluation has shown that the programme has significant positive effects on dietary behaviour, food choice and cooking.

We work with local councils, charities and other partners across the UK, Australia and beyond who deliver the programme in their area. Jamie’s Ministry of Food has reached nearly 90,000 people to date.


The Power of cooking

We believe that teaching people to cook plays a vital part in the fight against diet-related disease. Jamie set up his Ministry of Food programme to help individuals, families and communities to start cooking again. Once you know how to cook, you have control over your health and the health of your family.

The problem

3 generations in the UK have not been taught


The UK spends nearly

£30bn a year on takeways
and fast food

58% of women and 65% of men 

in the UK are overweight or obese

Children with obese parents are at least

10 times more likely to be obese

NHS England spends £16bn a year

on weight and obesity-related conditions

our solution

The Ministry of Food Programme teaches people to cook simple, delicious and healthy meals from scratch

It works because... Being taught to cook improves diet quality and nutritional knowledge. Cooking skills are a major predictor of people’s ability to make healthy food choices

the impact

The Ministry of Food programme improves dietary behaviour, food choices and cooking confidence.

People who complete the programme...

Cut the number of unhealthy snacks

they eat by 50%

Increase the fruit and veg they eat  from

2.7 to 4.4 portions per day

Spend 25% less

on weekly takeaways

Cook at home

20% more regularly

Feel 30% more confident

to follow a recipe

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